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We deliver excellence & remove your headaches of the scoring process.
Our experience is YOUR asset!
  • outstanding service

    We are NOT a 'middle man'. We are part of your team. We produce, compose, orchestrate, conduct, mix, master and deliver incredible sounding music. 
  • Experience

    How do you avoid the red tape and pitfalls of recording your score? With JFMusic on your team we navigate the world of live music recording with seasoned professionals of the highest caliber.
  • Better results

    How good is your competition? How would you like to be better? In a fiercely competitive market you have to deliver brilliance. We take no shortcuts and deliver cinema ready music in whichever format your production needs. Your score will stand out from the crowd helping your production excel in distribution markets and admired by audiences.
  • delivered on time

    We will never take on a project we can't deliver. Your deadlines are real and we respect that. Once we set a schedule for delivery we will delivery when we say we will, every time. Our team members are dedicated to their work and take pride in meeting every deadline all while maintaining integrity and quality!
  • Budget

    Would you like to have more money to put towards marketing? By aggregating our services we frequently beat rival quotes by HUGE margins - often times 40-60%. Investment in your music score should be treated as that and leave you with no unexpected, hidden fees.
  • Confidence

    Imagine how you will feel when you first hear the music we've produced for you? Trust is one of the most precious human virtues that strengthens lasting relationships. You can rely on us. We will earn your trust by proving ourselves again and again. We continue to deliver what we say we will deliver and have been doing this for years. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you!  Call now!
  • "The music sounds REALLY good. You knocked it out of the park! Genius!!!"
    Sean Mcnamara
  • Incredible job! Can I book you now for my next movie?
    Sally Kelly
  • Great job! Wonderful.
    Marc cerutti

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Getting in touch is all it takes. We're only here to help and are never pushy. Tell us more about your project and we'll do all we can to find the right solution for you. Give us a chance to impress you - with no obligation!

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We're located just a short drive from the San Fernando Valley. If you'd like to visit our studio or have us come to you just get in touch and you'll see we're there for you. Call now: (805) 522-0300