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Production & Music Recording, Sound & Mixing, Film & TV Post

From production to post, the JFMusic Studio is built to deliver that high class touch for music artists, voice over talent, feature film & television productions, JFMusic Studio is a place you'll soon call home. Whether editing picture or sound, its warm, welcoming and peaceful environment allows the recording artist to quickly relax into flow and film producers and directors feel confident that their final output will exceed expectation. With crystal clear stereo sound that rivals any great studio you'll recognize that JFMusic has already inspired you to start working on your next project.

Main Room

A live sound room used for recording artists, foley, podcasts and voice overs.

Tracking Room

Crystal clear audio that elevates the sound of any production.

Local Artists

A studio where many world class talent in all genres have recorded, mixed & mastered.

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Extra Services

Need music for your production, or want to have your music placed into films & TV shows? We've partnered with Owl At The Moon for music licenses and placement & Sum Of All Music to deliver custom scores and get your soundtrack distributed by major streaming services.


I want you to know what an incredible addition you are to our show. Thanks for being a part of our Game Show Family.

Bob Eubanks

Bob Eubanks - TV Personality - Voiceovers

Coming to JFMusic for the dub was one of the best decisions we made in post. You made it sound spectacular.


Colin Miller - Film Director - Feature Film Dub Session

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